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Ear Reconstruction - Microtia

Ear deformities can lead to reduced self-confidence, both in children born with such deformities (microtia) and adults who have partially or completely lost their ear due to trauma. The lack of such an important organ effects the aesthetics of the entire face.

The best solution for such patients is ear reconstruction, one of the most complicated procedures in plastic surgery. Few surgeons in the world perform this procedure. For the last three years, our team has successfully been applying the latest surgical approach to ear reconstruction

TV Health reporting directly from a partial ear reconstruction surgery (IN SERBIAN)

18. april 2019.

Dr Urošević i dr Vlahović gostuju u emisiji „Dobro jutro sa Jovanom i Srđanom“ na televiziji Pink

18. december 2017. (Minutes 13 to 23)

Interview with Dr Urošević for Radio Television Serbia on ear reconstruction

24. march 2018.

Daily newspaper Blic report on ear reconstruction

01. february 2018.

Daily newspaper Večernje novosti report on ear reconstruction surgery (VIDEO – IN SERBIAN)

26. november 2017.

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